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Revelations of the Red Sword

by Svartidauði

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I shall endure to the end, for at the end there shall be nought to endure Above the formless desert Below the saltwater skies Within and without the perpetual not Flickering sparks glisten like a thousand swords held high Let the seed fall into soil, like divine sparks into shells Illuminating the desolate wasteland Inseminating this barren womb Lux Ferre This is the first dawn A requiem for those impaled on golden rays
Exploding shells engulfing dead worlds in flames Every splinter a torch and every torch a raging fire Ravens of a burning God Burning worlds of excrement Melt away the chains - Solve et coagula The fiery serpent of our myths and dreams Slumbering deep within our DNA The fragmented spine of a broken world The snake - A splinter of the solar system Pulsating violently, within and without The nightside firmament Burning worlds of excrement
Transmitting vibrations from beyond a constellation transfixed Howling endlessly into the ether Incantations of barbarous names And mindless mantras Fornicating with discarnate intelligence And wallowing in the slime of transfigurations And the night sky answers A living conduit of human transgression As the Moon reflects the Sun So does the Sun reflect the Silver Star Khabs in Khu Ravings of a dogheaded ghost Orgiastic birth trauma of a spirit not born of this Earth Synchronising with stellar revolutions Coinciding with the sexual urges of the universe itself
I shall exhaust the light without to cultivate the light within Pouring down the wine of woe from the burning firmament As they celebrate weakness you shall become an embodiment of power As they bend a knee to a king’s rule you shall do as thou wilt Strive for steel and not for gold Drench yourself in blood on the hunting grounds Beneath the red sun In hoc signo vinces To see your enemies driven before you And splintered to a thousand pieces and scattered to the winds
I am the flame that burns in the heart of every man And at the core of every star Standing in the gaze of an unblinking eye In scorching glory - Endlessly expanding A rising fire, an erect monument to the serpent’s vertebral ascension Gaze into the flames, for there resides the power, the vision and the voice The light is in me and its red flame is a sword in my hand The burning embers are the initiator The opener of man’s consciousness To the rays of the undying God
Aureum Lux 11:49
What comes after the ordeal? An expiration sweeter than death The pain of division is as nothing and the joy of dissolution all Any empire created is ultimately an empire lost As death is the crown of all Everything passes The end of the illusion Where the wheels stop spinning Where the rivers run backwards Into the golden light There is a veil that is black The veil of the pain and the sorrow and the death Tear down this lying spectre of the centuries Hear me! People of sighing The sorrows of pain and regret Are left for the dead and the dying


I am the flame that burns in every heart of man, and in the core of every star. I am Life, and the giver of Life, yet therefore is the knowledge of me the knowledge of death.
-Liber Al vel Legis 2.6

On the 3rd of December 2018, six years to the day after the apocalypse, Svartidauði will unleash long awaited sophomore full length Revelations of the Red Sword upon the ashes of civilization.
Once again recorded and produced at Studio Emissary by Stephen Lockhart and featuring artwork by David Glomba, the combined result is equally stunning sonically as it is visually. The 6 track, 47 minute album marks Svartidauði’s second release on legendary German imprint Ván Records.

The Red Sword refers to the rays of a rising- and a setting sun, encompassing its contents in the fire and the fury of our world’s most creative and destructive force, the glowing God up above, the Sun - Celebrating its howling solar winds, all the while waiting with anticipation for the inevitable heat death of the universe.


released December 3, 2018

Released by Ván Records
All music and lyrics © Svartidauði 2018
Produced by Stephen Lockhart at Studio Emissary, Reykjavík, Iceland
Interludes by Stephen Lockhart
Choirs by Stephen Lockhart and Edda Guðmundsdóttir

Artwork by David Glomba


all rights reserved



Svartidauði Reykjavík, Iceland

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